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Cemeteries (operating under license number is 3265130-1)

The Town of Hearst owns and operates two (2) public cemeteries:

  • Riverside cemetery located on Front Street, just west of Tri-Cept Industries;
  • The Monseigneur Pierre Grenier cemetery located on Girard Road, south of the city in which there is also a columbarium with 328 niches. (photo above)

Burial Purchase Rights
Contact the staff of the Clerk’s Office at 705-362-4341 (Janine Lecours) or call Fournier Funeral Services at 705-362-4644.

List of Rates

Please click on the present link to access and view the section entitled Section 5 : Cemeteries : Cemetery Fees and Prices of columbarium niches.

Arrangements for a funeral
The Town’s authorized agent is Fournier Funeral Services. Arrangements can be made either with Fournier Funeral Services (705-362-4644) or the Clerk’s Office at Town Hall (Janine Lecours – 705-362-4341).

Number of burials by lot

  • One (1) coffin and a maximum of four (4) urns or
  • A maximum of six (6) urns.

Localization of the deceased
At the entrance of the cemetery, next to the map of lots you can find an index of names.

At Town Hall, the Clerk’s Office keeps an alphabetical index of all the individuals who have a lot in each cemetery.

Only installers approved by the Municipality are allowed to install monuments in local cemeteries. A permit application must be completed and approved by the staff of the Clerk’s Office and all fees must be paid before a monument is installed.

A flat marker can be installed on each lot, plus a vertical monument.

Flowers and potted plants are accepted. However, the pots should not interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery and must not interfere in any way whatsoever. Ornaments, plants and flowers should be placed on the monument or foundation, or they will be removed. If they are faded or damaged, they will also be removed by maintenance personnel.

For more information call Janine Lecours, Clerk, at 705-362-4341 or email at

Bereavement Authority of Ontario

The BAO’s Consumer Information Guide:  A Guide to Death Care in Ontario is a free consumer-protection information booklet.

The guide is designed to support informed consumer choices regarding funeral, burial, cremation and hydrolysis services.  It is written for families and the public to know their rights and responsibilities before entering into contracts with organizations that are licensed under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002.  All licenses of the BAO are required to provide consumers with a copy of this guide.