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Cultural policy

The Town recognizes the following eight principles:

  • Culture belongs to every citizen and must therefore be accessible to all;
  • Culture, art, heritage, and history are all factors of identity and enrichment; they promote a sense of belonging to a community;
  • Cultural development includes all forms and skills of art:
    • Visual art
    • Public art
    • Stage art (theatre, dance, etc.)
    • Written art (literature)
    • Heritage and history
    • Festivals and cultural events
    • The natural environment
    • Cinematography
  • Local artists’ creative development must be encouraged;
  • Cultural development proceeds in harmony with other municipal operations. It leads to the betterment of the community, including the development of the area, economy, and tourism;
  • The arts and culture are an important driving force in the development of the tourism industry and must therefore be integrated into tourism projects;
  • Cultural development is a common responsibility and must be shared amongst different levels of government, institutions, local groups and the population;
  • Culture plays an important role in the development of the community, in establishing a sense of identity, and in the quality of life of its citizens.

For more information, you can view the PDF of the cultural policy.