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The building department provides information, approves construction drawings and inspects the buildings in our community. The primary objectives are to:

  • Ensure that owners and tenants can live in safe buildings that are healthy and in good condition;
  • Ensure that buildings and properties do not create safety hazards, fire hazards, health hazards or inconvenience to neighbors and the public;
  • Promote the longevity of the Town’s built environment;
  • Protect investments in building stock.

Department staff deal with new construction (including additions and renovations to existing buildings) and existing buildings and their surrounding yard areas. Their activities are authorized by provincial legislation (Building Code Act) as well as municipal by-laws. The building department coordinates and executes its tasks in cooperation with other municipal departments for the enforcement of by-laws, the provision of municipal services and public works, fire prevention and often works with other public bodies such as the Porcupine Health Unit.

For more information on these topics and to obtain application forms, contact Kory Hautcoeur, Planning and Building Director.

Building permit rates

Building permit application

Kory Hautcoeur
Director of Planning/Chief Building Official
705-362-4341 (1200)

Jean-Michel Chabot
Building Inspector
705-362-4341 (1225)