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The Parks and Recreation Department maintains the following parks:

J. D. Levesque Park is located in St-Pie X beside road 583 North. Several playgrounds are erected and there is also a softball field and a baseball field.  There are picnic tables, a washroom facility and a parking area.
Léger Park is located at the end of Hallé Street in a quiet neighbourhood.  At this park, we can find a children playground, a softball field and washrooms.  This location is perfect for a family picnic.

Al Kinsey Park is located at the end of 7th Street.  It is the ideal place to rest along the trail beside the Mattawishkwia River, where the landscape is beautiful.  There are benches and picnic tables in this park.
Located in Wyborn, Gosselin Park offers a place for the kids to climb on the playground. There is also a paved basketball court on site.

Blier Park was built in 2010 to meet the needs of the followers of skateboarding and BMX.  The followers of these sports can go to practice and perform their many jumps.
Selin Park is located along Highway 11 close to Mémorial Park. This park is a place to rest with a wooden swing.

Located along Highway 11, Mémorial Park  is a location dedicated to the remembrance or our veterans. Some statues are there to honor them.
Poulin Park is located at the East end of Prince Street.  At this park we can find a children playground and a paved basketball court.

Bernard Park is located in a residential neighbourhood on Aubin Street.  In this park there is a children playground.
Lecours Park is a place where people can go and play horseshoes and shuffleboard. It also contains a gazebo to relax or keep out of the sun and the rain. A swing allows you to rock and enjoy nature. An observation point was built to admire the dam on the river. This park is on Edward Street.