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Ring of Fire and Arch of Fire proximity

Hearst is located in Northern Ontario in the District of Cochrane approximately 92 kilometers west of Kapuskasing, approximately 935 kilometers (581 mi) north of Toronto and 520 kilometers (320 mi) east of Thunder Bay along Highway 11. Hearst’s economy depends mainly on the forest industry, including forestry, manufacturing, lumber and plywood, and biomass. The sector employs 9% of the regional workforce.
Constance Lake community is located a few miles north of Highway 11, on the north end of highway 66, south of the Constance Lake First Nations Reserve, about 30 minutes from Hearst.

Hearst is located close to the Arch of fire where a graphite deposit was discovered near Constance Lake.

Watch this short video to learn more about the Arch of fire.

For more information:
Lydia Rodrigue, Economic Development Agent
Hearst Economic Development
523 Highway 11 East
Hearst ON P0L 1N0
Tel. : 705-362-4341 (1501)

Location maps

René Fontaine Municipal Airport

  • Located 1.5 miles northwest of Hearst
  • Runway asphalt length: 4 500 feet long by 100 feet wide
  • Orientation: 04/22
    • Terminal building, small shed and two hangars
    • Two helipads located next to the terminal


  • P1 Precision Approach Path Indicator (P.A.P.I.)
  • Runway End Identification Lighting (R.E.I.L.)
  • Fully automated remote controlled lighting system (Arcal system on Unicom 122.8 (Type K)

Aircraft Fueling: 

  • Jet A 1 aviation fuel with FS11
  • 100 LL aviation gas
  • Single point fueling is available for Jet A1 fuel

Two hangars for rent

Airport Manager:
Luc Lanoix Aviation Service 
Maintenance and repair of aircraft
Transport Canada approved maintenance organization
Tel: 705-372-8021 / 705-362-4341 (1450)
Email: hearstairport@hearst.ca

First Nation Partnership

Constance Lake First Nation

For information or prior to any exploration or staking within the traditional territory, contact the following persons:

Monica John-George
General Manager
Tel: 705-463-4511
Email: monica.john-george@clfn.on.ca


Ramona Sutherland
Chief CLFN
Tel: 705-463-4511
Email: chief@clfn.on.ca

Species in danger of extinction

Ontario has implemented a plan to protect the woodland caribou. For information or prior to any exploration, contact the Department of Natural Resources (MNRF)
613 Front Street
Hearst ON
P0L 1N0
Tel: 705-362- 4346
Toll free: 1-800-667-1940