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Who we are?

Overview of our nursing home

Opened in March 2004, our new and ultra modern home designed to accommodate  67 residents is located on Hearst’s best natural landscape alongside the Mattawishkwia  River.  This splendid one-story home is the perfect place for your new residence and for living in a calm, comfortable and clean environment.

The qualified, conscientious and devoted staff strives to promote quality of life by offering:

  • the best of nursing care;
  • the chance to enjoy your favorite activities;
  • healthy food from a menu adapted to your liking and;
  • the opportunity  to achieve your personal objectives with assistance, support and encouragement.

Foyer des Pionniers Nursing Home offers a comprehensive range of programs and activities specifically tailored to individual resident needs and interest.

Foyer des Pionniers Nursing Home’s Mission

To provide a secure and warm home where the focus is placed on:

  • the needs of the residents,
  • a devoted team dedicated to the delivery of superior care and,
  • services featured with human attention.