May 2024 Residential Waste and Recycling Collection Calendar

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Terms of Reference - Town of Hearst Landfill Site New Waste Management Strategies

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All aspects of municipal finance are mainly governed by the Municipal Act, RSO 2001 and amendments thereto. This law determines specifically how a municipality may levy, borrow, spend or save their money and how its financial transactions must be reported. It is the responsibility of the Finance Department to ensure that the Town of Hearst meets all the requirements of provincial legislation.

2024 Operating and Capital Budget
2023 Operating and Capital Budget
2022 Consolidated Financial Statements

ASSET MANAGEMENT PLAN Town of Hearst (2023)


Section 1: Administration
Section 2: Protection to person and property
Section 3: Transportation Services: Public Works, Municipal Airport, Traffic Infractions, Parking Meters, Rental of Steel Culverts in Building Construction
Section 4: Waste
Section 4b: Water and Sewer
Section 5: Cemeteries:

Section 6: Lifeline
Section 6b: Child Care Services
Section 7: Recreational Services:

Section 8: Planning and Development
Section 9: Economic Development Tourism Hall Rental


Mireille Lemieux
705-362-4341 (1100)

Kyrah Richard
Tax Collector and Accounts Receivable / Accounting Clerk
705-362-4341 (1102)

Sonia Coll
Payroll and Accounts Payable Clerk
705-362-4341 (1101) 

Karine Unwin
Accounting Clerk
705-362-4341 (1103)

Jean-Michel Vachon
Human Resources and Health & Safety Director
705-362-4341 (1104)

Chantal Thiboutot-Plamondon
Cashier / Receptionist


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