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Property and Housing Standards

The condition of existing buildings and yard areas is regulated by:

  • The regulations of Part 9 (Retrofit) of the Fire Code, O. Reg.  213/07;
  • By-law No. 20-82 of the Town of Hearst on property standards and maintenance standards;
  • Regulations of the Fire Code requiring smoke detectors in every residential unit and carbon monoxide detectors adjacent to sleeping areas in residential units having fuel-burning appliances and/or storage garages;
  • Hearst By-law No. 67-96 requiring the continued provision of vital services to tenants, except in exceptional circumstances.

Investigations and assessments of the conditions of existing buildings can be triggered in several ways:

  • In response to a complaint;
  • In the process of an application for a building permit;
  • Enquiries from sellers, buyers or tenants;
  • Enquiries from owners or insurance companies;
  • Routine inspections for fire prevention.

For more information contact:

Kory Hautcoeur
Director of Planning/Chief Building Official

Myriam Bastarache
By-law Department Director