March 2024 Residential Waste and Recycling Collection Calendar

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Terms of Reference - Town of Hearst Landfill Site New Waste Management Strategies

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EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Secondary School, College and University Students

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  1. 3 km trail along Mattawishkwia River.  From this trail you have access to Lecours and Kinsey Parks.||
  2. Paved 7.5 km trail along Highway 11.  This trail starts at Cecile Trailer Park and goes all the way to Cloutier Road.
  3. Trail beside Highway 583 South.  It starts at the end of 9th Street and reaches Girard Road near Grenier Cemetery.
  4. 2 km trail that goes to Johnson`s Lake.  It starts on Marchildon Road.
  5. The Hearst Cross Country Ski & Snowshoeing Club also maintains 28 km of trails.  For more information, visit the Hearst ski club’s website.

The Town of Hearst allows the public, during the winter, to walk around the East Ice at Claude Larose Recreation Centre from 8am to 3pm.  Please use the players’ entrance.