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Hazardous wastes

What is household hazardous waste?

If it is corrosive, flammable or toxic, it is a hazardous waste.  These types of products contaminate water and landfills and should never be poured down the drain or put in regular trash sites.

Tips to reduce household hazardous waste:

Use a non-hazardous alternative: Ecological and safer products are available for cleaning, home improvement and garden.

Be an informed consumer: If you must buy a hazardous product, buy only the amount you need to use. Avoid buying in large quantities and in bulk if you do not need much.

Read labels: Make sure the product you buy meets your needs before you buy. Once purchased, follow the label instructions for safe use, ventilation and storage.

Give the remaining of the dangerous product to someone who can use it: Parents, friends, neighbors, community groups and charities may be able to use some of your remaining product.

Avoid aerosol when possible: Much of the aerosol is found in the air. Buy safer alternatives.