Waste Management Program

Town Council has passed a Solid Waste Management by-law No. 87-16 establishing an automated curbside waste and recycling collection.

To obtain a summary or a hard copy of the municipal by-law, see link hereunder, or contact Janine Lecours, Clerk, by phone 705-372-2813, or email: .

Solid Waste Management By-law No. 87-16

COLLECTION SERVICE – Regular operations

Since last winter, the Town of Hearst has been offering automated curbside collection for residences and businesses owning approved containers identified with the Municipality’s logo. The Town of Hearst does not collect waste left outside approved containers. Bulky items can be brought to the landfill site located on Hwy 583 north at any time within hours of operation. Always make sure your garbage is secure when you transport it to the landfill to avoid losing them on the way. The Town of Hearst reminds citizens to ensure there are no obstacles within three (3) feet in front of and around the containers on collection day.

Residents can also bring their recycling materials to the transfer site at any time, free of charge.

Treasure Hunt Days: To be determined, click here to view additional information.

Amnesty Program: To be determined, click here to view additional information.

Landfill site tipping fees

2018 schedule for the Residential waste and recycling collection 

What can and can’t be recycled – Click here