The Official Plan of the Hearst area is a policy document that provides guidelines for development activities in the Town of Hearst, and also in the Township of Mattice-Val Côté and the five unorganized townships that make up the development of Hearst area.

The Plan was adopted by the Council in Hearst and was formally approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. It contains standards for new developments or redevelopments of commercial, industrial and residential and lists any constraints that must be taken into consideration for the development of a particular type or a particular region.

The proposed development and redevelopment that involve significant changes in land use or significant deviations from the approved standards may require an amendment to the Official Plan through an application for official plan amendment. Click here for the list of rates.

Proposed official plan of the Hearst Planning Area 2017

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Mattice secondary plan

Hearst Community Improvement Plan

Applications for financial assistance under the Hearst downtown – Hwy 11/Front Street Corridor Community Improvement Programs


Hearst Planning Area Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review

The following two (2) Draft Zoning By-laws, pursuant to the requirements of Sections 26(9) and 34(12) of the Planning Act, RSO 1990, as amended:

  • Town of Hearst Final Zoning By-law; click here
  • Unorganized Territories of the Hearst Planning Area Draft Zoning By-law; click here

To consult the information given during the Open House Session on September 23rd, 2019, click here.

  • To consult the presentation offered, click here.

What is a Zoning By-law?

A Zoning By-law is a legal document that implements the policies of the Official Plan of the Hearst Planning Area, which applies to the Town of Hearst, Township of Mattice-Val Côté, and unorganized townships within the Hearst Planning Area. The Zoning By-law translates the land use planning objectives and policies of the Official Plan into detailed standards for how a property may be developed. Zoning By-laws includes:

  • The types of uses that are permitted on a property;
  • The types of buildings and other structures that are permitted on a property and where they can be located; and
  • Lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and setbacks from streets and/or waterbodies.

The Town of Hearst and Hearst Planning Board are undertaking a Comprehensive Review of their Zoning By-laws. The Town of Hearst’s existing Zoning By-law was approved by Council in 2005 and applies to the Town of Hearst. The Hearst Planning Board’s existing Zoning By-law was approved by the Hearst Planning Board in 1996 and applies to the unorganized townships within the Hearst Planning Area. Both Zoning By-laws are required by the Planning Act to be updated to conform to the Official Plan of the Hearst Planning Area, approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in November 2017.

There will be opportunities for public engagement throughout the Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review process. This will include an Open House on September 23rd, of 2019 and a Public Meeting in early Winter of 2019. The Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review is anticipated to be completed by December 2019.

Kory Hautcoeur
Director of Planning/Chief Building Official