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Administration and Clerk’s Office

The Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk is appointed by Municipal Council and is in charge of the different departments of the Town.


Municipal Council establishes all policies and programs with regulations or resolutions at public meetings of Council and delegates certain administrative powers to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). The CAO ensures the implementation of policies and programs. As a supervisor, the CAO is responsible for ensuring that the activities and the multiple functions of the Municipality and its organization comply with municipal policies and regulatory requirements of external bodies.

Clerk’s Office

The clerk is responsible for:

  • Conducting municipal and school board elections;
  • Preparing regulations and resolutions in accordance with the applicable provincial legislation;
  • Preparing or revising the agreements relating to municipal obligations;
  • Advising Municipal Council and administering the interpretation of regulations and legislation applicable to municipalities;
  • Ensuring that municipal services are provided in both official languages.

Other tasks:

  • Register deaths and marriages;
  • Administer cemeteries.

According to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, any person may have access to information held by the Clerk’s Office, including records, books and documents of Council minutes and debates, committees’ minutes, and any other document in the possession or under the control of the Clerk.

List of Rates

Please click on the present link to access and view the section entitled Section 1 : Administration.


Éric Picard
Chief Administrative Officer
705-362-4341 (1000)

Janine Lecours
Clerk / Division Registrar
705-362-4341 (1001)

Annie Lemieux 
Deputy Clerk / Clerk’s Assistant
705-362-4341 (1002)

Andrée Beaulieu 
Executive Assistant (Community channel, social networks, website, travel)
705-362-4341 (1003)