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Hearst Airport

Hearst Airport Advisory


airport-buildingThe Hearst (Rene Fontaine) Municipal Airport is Owned and operated by the Corporation of the Town of Hearst. The Hearst Airport is a registered airport and is located 2.4 kilometers northwest of Hearst, Ontario, Canada.  The airport serves cargo flights and general aviation, including air ambulance (MEDEVAC), forest-fire fighting and aircraft maintenance. It is capable of supporting both Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) operations. The Critical Aircraft for the airport is the DHC 8 (Dash 8) – Code C.
For up to date information on the Hearst (Rene Fontaine) Municipal Airport please consult the most current edition of the following publications:  Canadian Flight Supplement (CFS), Canada Air Pilot and the most current NOTAMS through NavCanada website.


Hearst (Rene Fontaine) Municipal Airport
PO Bag 5000
2 Airport Road Hearst, Ontario
P0L 1N0

Airport Manager: Office
Tel: 705-362-4341 (Monday to Friday 9 to 5)
Tel: 705-372-1141 (24 hrs answering service)

The airport is operational with an attendant on site Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm local time. An attendant is available after hours and weekends for aircraft fueling and runway condition by calling the 24 hr # (705-372-1141). After hours fees may apply. Please see the User Fees & Service Charges schedule.(Link)




  • The maneuvering area consists of a runway, taxiway and public apron
  • The runway is 4500 feet long  by 100 feet wide  asphalt


  • P1 Precision Approach Path Indicator lighting is available on runway 04 & 22.
  • Runway End Identification lighting is available on runway 04 & 22.
  • fully automated remote controlled lighting system (Arcal system on Unicom 122.8 (Type K)


  • Hearst Airport Unicom on 122.8 MHz
  • The Hearst Airport is an Approach Unicom (AU) with  the ability to provide altimeter readings to carry out instrument approaches during low visibility and low ceiling conditions

Navigation Aids:

  • RNAV (GNSS) approaches for runway 04 and runway  22(see Ontario Canadian Air Pilot for details)

Terminal Building

  • 24 hrs secured access (Access code information located near key pad)
  • Modern reception area
  • Flight planning room
  • Pilot lounge area
  • Complementary internet/WIFI.
  • A public pay phone is available in the west lobby
  • Public rest rooms
  • public vehicle parking
  • Car rental agencies located within 5 NM from the airport
    Expert Chevrolet: 705-362-8001 ext 229 or 

Airport Services:

Aircraft fuelling:

  • Jet A1 aviation fuel with FSII
  • 100 LL aviation gas
  • Single point fuelling is available for Jet A1 fuel.

Aircraft Parking and tie down:

Limited aircraft Tie-down is available in the designated airside area and in the general aviation area.  Electrical plug-in is available near the terminal building, in the tie-down area and near the fuel facilities. Aircraft Parking is available on the airside and in the general aviation area.

Aviation Weather

Weather is available by viewing two web cams via NavCanada Aviation Weather Web Site. This information is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and is updated every 10 minutes.

Winter maintenance:

The Hearst Airport provides runway condition reporting and runway friction index twice daily Monday to Friday during winter season and at other times as required. This information is available by viewing the Notams section on the Navcanada Aviation Web Site.
Snow removal and runway clearing is carried out daily Monday to Friday during the winter season and at other times as required.

General Aviation Services: The following General Aviation Services are available at the airport

  • Aviation Oils – 15W50,W100
  • Ground handling
  • Baggage handling
  • De-icing
  • Aircraft towing
  • Nitrogen service cart
  • Aircraft wheel shocks
  • Engine preheat
  • Ground Power Unit
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft grooming

Hearst Airport Fees


Regulations in force since January 2019:

  • Minimum distance of 5.6 km from an airport
  • Below 400 feet

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