Here are the most requested Municipal laws. To view the by-law, please make an appointment with the Clerk’s Office at 705-372-2813.

All Terrain Vehicles (Regulation No. 59-15)

Animal Control (Appendix 7 of the Regulations 70-81 & 91-06)

Business Licensing (Regulation No. 70-81 as amended)

Crossconnections (By-law No. 70-04)

Discharge of Firearms within Town Limits (Regulation No. 39-01)

Fireworks (Regulation No. 75-11)

Highway, Boulevard and Sidewalk Usage (Regulation No. 26-84)

House Numbers (Regulation No. 26-84)

Johnson’s Lake Park (Regulation No. 36-86)

Motorized Snow Vehicle Operation in Town (Regulation No. 19-86)

Motorized Vehicles and Bicycle Operation in Town (Regulation No. 72-89)

Noise Control (Regulations No. 79 & 80-83)

Parking (Part III of Regulation No. 17-81 as amended)

Parking for the disabled (Regulation No. 52-90)

Sale and Display of Books and Magazines (Regulation No. 35-82)

Salespersons Licences (Annex 19 to Regulation 70-81, as amended by Regulation No. 15-90)

Signs, Billboards and Notices (Regulation No. 5-99)

Snow Clearing (Regulation No. 4-86)

Stags (Regulation No. 30-92)

Street Load Restrictions (Regulations No. 23-82, 31-85 & 28-89)

Taxis (Annex 23 to Regulation 70-81, as amended by Regulation No. 69-01)

Traffic (Regulation No. 17-81)

Unattended Motor Vehicles (Regulation No. 65-85)