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Sports Facilities

Despite the small size of the community, Hearst can take pride in the success of annual hockey events such as the Astérix & Obélix tournaments and the Two Ice tournament. The sports-minded population is 100% committed during these events and is proud to have one of the finest arenas in Northern Ontario. Hearst is THE CHOICE for your next sporting event. Athletes and visitors will be amazed by what we have to offer.


Claude Larose Recreation Center

Ice Claude Giroux
Spectator Capacity – 1230
Dimensions – 85’ x 200’

Ice Rumun Ndur
Dimensions – 78’ x 190’
Spectator Capacity – 150 (standing room only)
Plus three community halls with a total of 960 sq. ft. altogether

Mattice Sports Complex
Ice Dimensions – 85’ x 180’
Spectator Capacity – 150 (72 seats included)
Community hall of 6,120 sq. ft.
Located at about 31 km east of Hearst


Clayton Brown Public School
3,400 sq. ft. gym floor
Sports practiced: basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer,
fitness and karate

Hearst High School
7,800 sq. ft. gym floor
4 bleachers with a spectator capacity of 300 people
Sports practiced: basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer
and fitness

Hearst University*
4,700 sq. ft. gym floor
Sports practiced: volleyball and badminton

Pavillon Notre-Dame Catholic School
4,500 sq. ft. gym floor
Sports practiced: basketball, badminton, indoor soccer and fitness

Ste Anne Catholic School
3,700 sq. ft. gym floor
Sports practiced: basketball, badminton, indoor soccer and fitness

St Louis Catholic School
5,600 sq. ft. gym floor
Sports practiced: basketball, badminton, indoor soccer, fitness and karate

*indicates that there are no dressing rooms available


Bowling Billiards Bar & Grill
6 bowling alleys
4 dart games
5 pool tables
1 reception hall with an 80 people capacity
241 Pizza restaurant liscensed under the LLBO

Hearst Curling Club
4 sheets of ice of 2,100 sq. ft. each
Dressing rooms with spectator gallery at rink level – capacity of 40
Community hall with kitchen facility on-site – capacity of 100

Municipal Pool Stephane Lecours
25 meters long
6 lanes with a 1 meter diving board
Viewing gallery with a capacity of 60 people

Place des Arts de Hearst
9,100 sq. ft.
Large hall or two small halls
Art gallery on second floor
Host to two annual karate tournaments


Hearst Golf Club
9-hole course
Total length: 2,386 yards (red tees) to 3,062 yards (blue tees)

Hearst Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoe Club
20 km of trails maintained in 2015 (out of a possibility of 40 km)
Lane for skate skiing
23 km of snowshoe trails

Softball Diamonds
1 baseball field & 1 softball field at J.D. Levesque Park with bleachers
1 field beside the Notre-Dame Hospital with bleachers
1 field at Marcel Léger Park with lights and bleachers

Soccer field / Athletics Track
Field of 100 m by 60 m
440 m running track around the field
Sports practiced: soccer, foot racing, long and high jumps, shotput, javelin
and disc shot as well as relay racing

Tennis Courts
4 courts in total
Standard dimension of 2,800 sq. ft.