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Familicare Agency

What is family home daycare?

A temporary care of five or fewer children under 10 years of age, in a private residence that is not the parents of these children. It is distinguished by its versatility and flexibility. It can meet a variety of needs in childcare. The main objective of an agency is to enable all parents to have access to a flexible service, regardless of their work schedule.

Operate a licensed childcare service

The agency is licensed by the Ministry and it offers providers the opportunity to work as sub-contactors.

Providers are carefully selected and meet the criteria established by the Act. The Agency ensures that providers comply with standards and regulations.

The agency provides ongoing support, resources, equipment, and training for providers: recruitment of client families and parents and mediation.

In addition, the competence of the providers and the needs of the child and parent are carefully evaluated before placement, thus ensuring perfect alignment.

Are you interested in providing child care services? Please contact Brigitte Bouffard, Director of the Childcare Center.

Brigitte Bouffard
T – (705)372-2811
F – (705)372-2814