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Economic Development


The Hearst Economic Development is the mandatory body of local economic development for the Town of Hearst. Its mission is to facilitate the growth of local businesses, to offer support to individual and collective entrepreneurship and too actively promote the Town of Hearst attractiveness in order to entice new businesses.

The Goals of the ED are:

  • Promote local involvement;
  • Foster collaboration among stakeholders;
  • Ensure the reception, referral, and accompaniment of proponents;
  • Act as an agent of economic development;
  • Implement services adapted to the needs of businesses and proponents;
  • Foster a sense of belonging and identification to the Town of Hearst.

The goals for which the ED is constituted, in relation to the promotion of economic, social and cultural development are:

  • Support and promote general, industrial and commercial development;
  • Support and promote the development of tourism;
  • Attract and retain the workforce and businesses;
  • Promote the territory of the Town of Hearst.

ED Core Values:

  • Encourage an open and honest dialogue;
  • Manage the ED’s financial and human resources with integrity and transparency;
  • Make decisions based on objectivity, fairness and incorruptibility.

Creativity and innovation: We recognize that creativity and innovation are essential to the development and delivery of programs and services that meet the needs of our customers.

Respect: Respect the people who sit on the committee, that work at the ED as well as our clients. Encourage the expression of opinions and courtesy during meetings with clients. Have an open mind during discussions.

Excellence: Encourage excellence in the delivery of our programs and services, in the relationships with our internal and external clients, partners and donors as well as professionalism with our volunteers and our staff.

The ED operates in the territory of the Town of Hearst, an area composed primarily of the Town along with its unorganized territories and bordering communities of Lac-Ste-Thérèse, Ryland, Hallébourg, Constance Lake and the Municipality of Mattice-Val Côté.


Mélissa Larose
Director of Economic Development
705-362-4341 (1500)

Lydia Rodrigue
Economic Development Officer
705-362-4341 (1501)