Annex 23 to Regulation 70-81, as amended by Regulation No. 69-01

  • No person shall own or operate a taxi or act as a taxi broker without being issued a license by the Municipality and paying a fee for such a license.Owners of taxi must be insured for a minimum of $2,000,000 for personal injury and property damage, including passenger hazards.
  • The owners must have a taxi licence for each taxicab.
  • All cab drivers must hold a valid Class G driver’s license for Ontario or better and a license to drive a cab from the Municipality.
  • Taxi brokers or individuals receiving calls for taxis and making the distribution of drivers must also obtain a permit.  Brokers and taxi cabs must operate in a suitable place in a designated commercial area, equipped with a commercial telephone and enough parking spaces on site for the number of taxis operated.
  • The taxi owners and brokers must keep accurate records of each trip, including dates, times, origin and destination, drivers and taxi numbers.
  • Provisions are included for the transfer of licenses due to the sale of the business and the purchase of new vehicles.
  • Taxicab meters are monitored and tested periodically by the Municipality.
  • Taxis will be kept in good condition and will be clean.
  • Vehicles over 2 years at the time of license application or renewal must be mechanically certified and in safe condition.
  • Smoking is not permitted in taxicabs.
  • Taxi drivers must deliver their fares to their destinations by the shortest possible route.
  • Fare rates are set by the Municipality and the rates must be posted in the taxicab.
  • A rate may be charged while waiting for passengers.
  • Link to the Taxi By-law here