Schedule for the 2018 edition will be available soon!


Friday, September 8th 2017

6:30 p.m. 

Dinner: Sleeping Giant Brewery Beers and  Gourmet Food Truck Cuisine – 28$

9 p.m.
Singer: Yanik Pépin — Free

Author, composer and performer, this young musician does not lack charisma and authenticity With more than 200 songs to his repertoire, Yanick Pépin will make you forget the hours and will keep you on the dance floor.



Saturday, September 9th 2017


11 a.m.
Opening of the inflatables and AGRIVA Market

agriva + foire

Aboriginal Dance and Drumming – Canada150 Celebrations



4 p.m. 
Closing of the inflatables and Agriva Market


6:30 p.m.
Shepherd’s pie contest

Four local restaurants compete to receive the honors of the best shepherd’s pie in Hearst! – 40$


9 p.m.
Singer: Jean-François Bastien —Free

To make everyone dance, laugh and sing is an obsession! Do it with professionalism, originality and creativity; It is an obligation. In addition to his warm and powerful voice, he is an outstanding entertainer who is always listening to his audience. A charismatic improviser, he knows how to put his sense of humor to good use in each of his performances. Creating moments of magical and intimate emotions with people is what nourishes him as an artist. Whether alone, armed with his guitar, or surrounded by his many accolades, he will always have the same worries; Touch the heart of its audience. His talents make him the complete artist!