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Close to 100 things to do in Hearst

  1. Visit the Welcome Center (Gilles Gagnon Welcome Centre) to learn about the town’s attractions
  2. Take a selfie with the moose and wolves sculptures and post them on our Facebook page
  3. Go on a boat, kayak, canoe or paddle boat adventure at Veilleux Camping & Marina, located on Pivabiska Lake
  4. Visit the historical Reesor Siding site, located 45 km East of Hearst
  5. Eat the famous chicken balls at King’s Café
  6. Take a hike and observe wildlife in their natural habitat
  7. Visit the Inovo Centre
  8. Go fishing on the Chain of Lakes starting at Lac Ste-Thérèse dock
  9. Take in a round of golf at the Hearst Golf Club
  10. Go for an ATV ride
  11. See the Thunderhouse Falls during an observation flight (Hearst Air)
  12. Go canoeing, kayaking or white water rafting on the Mattawishkwia, Missinaibi, Nagagami, and Shekak Rivers and on the Chain of Lakes
  13. Go on walking and hiking expeditions (fitness trail along Mattawishkwia river, Calypso trail, ski club trails)
  14. Relax and discover our many health spas
  15. Visit La Maison Verte to learn about gardening, greenhouses and visit the boutique
  16. Sleep in a tipi at the Marina Veilleux
  17. Admire artwork at the Galerie 815
  18. Rafting on the Shekak River
  19. Play tennis with your friends
  20. Go camping at our private parks and our provincial park
  21. Enjoy the beach or a volleyball game at Johnson’s Lake
  22. Go moose, bear or partridge hunting (or ask a local about their last hunt!)
  23. Play basketball or softball in our city parks
  24. Take a plane ride with Hearst Air
  25. Go for a swim at the Stéphane-Lecours Municipal Pool
  26. Discover bird watching
  27. Visit Downtown for shopping
  28. Have fun at the splash park
  29. Celebrate the St-Jean Festival in June
  30. In August, join the HOG rally (Harley Owners Group)
  31. On July 1st, celebrate Canada Day with us during the Rotary Club Gala Day
  32. Shop ‘til you drop at the Midnight magic (BIA) in December
  33. Find great books at the Hearst Salon du livre (every second year in May on odd years)
  34. Discover the community at the Springfest (every second year in May on odd years)
  35. Go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in the Hearst Ski Club’s trails
  36. Go snowmobiling
  37. Enjoy the winter by going ice fishing
  38. Take a sleigh ride in Jogues
  39. Catch one of our Lumberjacks’ hockey game at the Claude Larose arena
  40. Go curling at the Hearst Curling Club
  41. Go public skating or play hockey at the Claude Larose arena
  42. Take part in the Carnaval in February
  43. Admire the architecture and history of the Notre-Dame Cathedral
  44. Visit one of the smallest university in the world, l’Université de Hearst
  45. Exercise at Rick’s Muscle World
  46. Bring your kids to one of our city parks and playgrounds
  47. Fly-in and remote fishing with Hearst Air
  48. Discover the Fire tower at Fushimi Provincial park
  49. Spend a week at the summer camp Camp source de vie
  50. Stay at our local wilderness camps
  51. Attend the HOREM Music Festival
  52. Play bridge, military whist, cards and ladder golf or discover the art of weaving at Club Action
  53. Attend a Pow Wow in Constance Lake in August
  54. Be part of Royal Canadian Legion events
  55. Try karate with the Hearst Karate club, Nordik Wado Kai or Pierre Drouin’s Martial Arts
  56. Practice yoga in one of the parks or in yoga classes
  57. Rent a private/remote and rustic log cabin at Fushimi Cabins and go fishing
  58. Read the newspaper Journal le Nord while drinking a coffee by the river
  59. Go to one of the local’s garage sale
  60. Participate in the Hearst Fishing Derby in June
  61. Be inspired by the murals located at the French High School, Arena, Library and Fire Hall
  62. Admire the stained glass windows at Maurice Saulnier’s Library at the Hearst University
  63. Enjoy the view of the Mattawishkwia River from the lookout point at Lecours Park
  64. See the historical cross on Coppell Road
  65. Visit the small village and Church of Lac Ste-Thérèse
  66. Visit the Marian Grotto nearby the Hearst University and Pavillon Notre-Dame School
  67. Visit the Hearst Ecomuseum
  68. Hire one of our tour guides to go snowmobiling, canoeing, hiking, fishing, and hunting
  69. Go geocaching
  70. Visit the historic Native cemetery in Mattice
  71. Visit the book store Librairie Le Nord, and learn about les éditions Cantinales
  72. Go horseback riding at Angolly’s Ranch
  73. See the taxidermied animals collection at the Gilles Gagnon Centre
  74. Go bowling at the 241 Pizza Bowling Billiards Bar&Grill
  75. Participate in the Wild Run Défi Cross Country Hearst in September
  76. Visit the Hearst Sports Hall of Fame
  77. Surf the Internet, read a magazine or a book or play games on a IPad at the Hearst Public Library
  78. Get together with friends for Wings Night (Wednesday) at Companion
  79. Skate or play hockey on the community rink Club les enfants du quartier
  80. Ask the Tourist Information Centre’s employees for the possible contests or tournaments you could enter
  81. Let Steve cook for you at Pasta Night (Thursday) at Pizza Place
  82. Practice your shot at local pool
  83. Go wild blueberry, raspberry, and field strawberry picking
  84. Listen to the community radio station, CINN FM 91.1
  85. Admire the Aurora Borealis
  86. Visit the Heritage Sawmill museum
  87. Rent a room for a day at the Queen’s Motel and enjoy the pool, saunas and hot tubs!
  88. Relax during the musical evenings at the Heritage Sawmill (Wednesdays, August)
  89. Go to the movies at Hearst Theatre
  90. Visit Rheault Distillery and taste their products
  91. Execute your tricks at the Blier Skateboard Park
  92. Visit the Memorial Park to admire the statue of fallen soldiers
  93. Visit a Ranch
  94. Discover new artists at la Place des Arts
  95. Take a (refreshing!) dip in one of our rivers or lakes
  96. Participate in the Jogue’s Mud Fest