Street Load Restrictions

Regulations No. 23-82, 31-85 & 28-89

  • “Half Load” restrictions on all municipal roads are in effect from April 15th to June 15th, inclusive, every year
  • “Half Load” restrictions on rural and semi-urban roads begin earlier on March 15th and end on May 31st (McNee Street west of St. Laurent Street; Riverside Drive; Alary Drive; Després Road; Labelle Avenue; Cloutier Road North; Cloutier Road South; Proulx Road; Blais Road; Collin Road; Bégin Road; and la Petite Gaspésie Road)
  • “Half Load” restrictions do not apply at any time to highways (Highway 11, including Front Street and Highway 583 North and Highway 583 South); Front Street (between First Street and Sixth Street); Fontaine Drive (Highway 11 West to the Tembec mill); Gaspésie Road (from Highway 583 South to Highway 11 East)