Municipal By-Law

Collection of refuse (By-Law No. 08-2001)

  • Prohibits all persons from throwing or depositing refuse on public properties and roadways.
  • Requires that all trucks carrying waste and excavated materials have their box covered with tarps so that debris and materials do not fly.
    All debris or materials deposited or left on the road during transportation should be cleaned at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.
  • Garbage collection will be once per week for homes and two times per week for commercial buildings (such as retail stores, restaurants, motels, etc.), industrial and institutional facilities.
  • Owners / occupants must provide a sufficient number of suitable containers with a lid, preventing waste to fly in the streets and adjacent land and discourage animals.
  • The receptacles must be placed within 3 feet of the public sidewalk or within 10 feet of the travelled portion of the street where there is no sidewalk or curb.  For buildings containing more than two residential units and shops, waste can be deposited in common receptacles for collection.
  • The garbage must be stored on site and shall be placed on the road only the evening before the scheduled day of collection. The following will not be collected:
    • Waste in non-acceptable receptacles;
    • Carboard that is not collapsed nor placed in a bundle;
    • Waste consisting of construction waste and demolition debris;
    • Waste fuels like oil-soaked rags and gasoline, celluloid, etc. that could ignite in the storage compartment of the truck;
    • scrap metal, scrap metal pieces, etc. which could damage the truck;
    • Domestic waste that leaks;
    • Waste from production and trade;
    • Waste in containers exceeding a weight of 34 kg (75 lbs);
  • After the waste has been collected, the containers cannot be left on the curb or road more than a reasonable amount of time.