Reminder to residents and snow removal contractors December 11, 2017

Reminder to residents and snow removal contractors

Problems with snow accumulation

We are requesting the cooperation of you, citizens, to:

  • Refrain from depositing snow from your property on municipal property and roadways
  • Keep snow pushed by the grader within each side of YOUR driveway
  • Avoid pushing snow from your property to the opposite side of the street
  • Refrain from blocking the view at intersections
  • Avoid blocking sidewalks

It must also be noted that the snow from a private property can under no circumstances, be deposited on the shoulder of a road unless it is removed by the owner at the latest the following day.  However, for downtown residents the snow must be removed the same day.

Persons who contravene By-law No. 24-02 may be liable to a fine of $ 90.

Thank you for your cooperation