Press release: new video! January 25, 2019

Immediate release
January 25th, 2019


Hearst, On— The Hearst Economic Service is proud to announce the launch of its new promotional video for the Town of Hearst. This video features the touristic attractions and winter activities of the region. Produced by Miss Clementine Chardronnet, an intern at the Office de la jeunesse international du Québec, the video will be published on the Town’s website and social medias to promote Hearst as a great community to live in.


The video features locals, from all ages, doing various typical activities practiced in Hearst. Many aspects are showcased, such as sports, nature, heritage and culture.


This initiative was made possible with the participation of many volunteers and organizations and the Town of Hearst would like to thank them.  The Town wants the video to reflect the sense of pride and belonging that Hearstians feel for their community to encourage others to choose Hearst as their community to live, work and raise their family.


Visit today to view the video! You can also find them on the various municipal Facebook pages, such as Corporation of the Town of Hearst, Hearst Tourism and Hearst Economic Development.


Hearst Economic Development is the mandatory body of local economic development for the Town of Hearst. Its mission is to facilitate the growth of local businesses, to offer support to individual and collective entrepreneurship and too actively promote the Town of Hearst attractiveness in order to entice new businesses.


For more information:

Julie Roy
Development officer
Hearst Economic Development
Tel: 705 372-2839