New ParticipAction Challenge for Hearst! May 10, 2019


Immediate release

May 10th, 2019


Hearst, On—The Parks and Recreation Department and Hearst Economic Development are teaming up to launch ParticipAction’s Community Better Challenge. This challenge is a brand new annual physical activity challenge that rallies communities to move and embrace physical activity together. ParticipAction invites all Canadians to get active and incorporate physical activity where they live, work and play. As individuals or as part of an organization, people are asked to track their physical activity minutes in an effort for their community to be recognized as one that champions active living.


Participants will be able to track their active minutes in tow ways, either by downloading the App or by signing up on ParticipAction’s website. Minutes will accumulate based on each community and will determine a community’s over all “score”. However, the calculation will take into consideration the varying size of communities, allowing everyone an equal chance to win! Finalists and winners will be recognized from across all regions of Canada and one community will be crowned Canada’s Most Active Community! The contest will run from May 31rst to June 16.


The Town of Hearst wants to get involved in this contest to encourage physical activity and to bring the citizens together in a collective project. Physical activity is a very important aspect of people’s health and the municipality wants its residents to take up the challenge to improve their quality of life. In addition, many activities will be organized to encourage people to practice new sports and physical activities. A complete program will be available to everyone. This will add to the activities that people already practice, in addition to giving them the chance to try new experiences. All activities will be free.


Aside from taking up the collective challenge, participating in new activities or simply being healthier, participants will contribute to the number of minutes of physical activity of the municipality. In Ontario, 5 prizes of $ 20 000 will be awarded to municipalities with the highest number of active minutes. The grand prize, for all of Canada, is $ 150 000! Again, the contest is proportional to the number of citizens for each community, which means that anyone can win!


If the Town of Hearst receives a prize in this contest, it plans to invest the cash prize in outdoor structures that will continue to encourage physical activity! It is therefore planned to develop a multi-generational concept in Kinsey Par, located along the Mattawishkwia River.


People are encouraged to follow the Hearst ParticipAction Facebook page to learn all the details, rules and activities that will be organized by the Municipality and other organizations.


For more information:

Nathalie Coulombe
Aquatic Director, Stephane Lecours Swimming Pool
Town of Hearst
Tel: 705 372-2805