MUNICIPAL COMMITTEES – bank of names September 7, 2018


Municipal Council invites citizens to submit their names to serve as volunteers on municipal committees such as:
the Hearst Economic Development Committee,
the Airport Committee,
the Long-Term Care Committee,
the Waste Management Committee
the Accessibility Committee,
the Police Services Board,
the Public Library Board,
the Hearst Planning Board,
the Hearst-Mattice Soins de Santé Administration Board,
the Hearst Power Distribution Corporation,
the Hearst Wi-Fibe Corporation,
and the Hearst Non-Profit Housing Corporation.

Names will be placed in the bank of volunteers in the event of vacancies in the months and years to come.  The feedback of citizens is important for Council, and citizens with ideas, energy and resourcefulness are encouraged to submit their names.  Please submit your name by e-mail at: or by calling the phone number below before October 19, 2018.

Annie Lemieux, Clerk’s Assistant
925 Alexandra Street
P.O. Bag 5000
Hearst, Ontario  POL 1NO