Hearst College and University Student Employment Opportunities February 16, 2017

The Municipality plans to hire post-secondary students this summer in the following positions:

  • one (1) municipal finance assistant
  • one (1) engineering assistant
  • three (3) public works maintenance-helpers
  • one (1) child care assistant
  • one (1) coordinator of summer recreational activities
  • three (3) park maintenance helpers
  • one (1) First Nation park maintenance helper
  • two (2) tourist information officers for Welcome Centre

The above positions are subject to confirmation of municipal, provincial and federal funding and also to program conditions.

Anticipated starting date:  Monday, May 8,  2017

Duration of employment:  approximately 15 weeks (until August 18).

Interested students must submit their application and résumé at the Town Hall reception, 925 Alexandra Street, tel. 362-4341, no later than Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

NOTE :           Students who have already submitted their résumé since January 1st, 2017, do not have to resubmit.