AGRIVA: Food dehydration workshop October 31, 2018

Immediate Release
October 31st, 2018


Hearst, Ontario — The popular local Hearst Gardening Series comes to an end with its last workshop for 2018. “Food dehydration” will be presented on Monday, November 26th. The workshop, presented by the Porcupine Health Unit, the Hearst Economic Development and Agriva Group, will be held at the Inovo Centre, 523 Highway 11 East at 6:30 p.m.  There is no cost to attend.


“Lynn Glazer has a lot of experience with gardening, but also with food transformation. She will demonstrate the art of dehydrating all kinds of food, so we can prolong its shelf life.” says Mrs. Julie Roy, coordinator of Agriva Group.  She adds: “This year’s workshops have been very popular!  The interest demonstrated by the community is overwhelming.  This last workshop is a great way to celebrate the success of our activities throughout the year.”

“Learning about new ways to transform food in the North is a great way to take advantage of our harvesting season. The most common complaint of Northerners regarding food challenges is the cost. Prolonging shelf life of our fruits and vegetables is another way we can contribute to our own pocket!  It can be low-cost and easy to manage for those who have little experience,” states Mrs. Joëlle Zorzetto, public health dietitian with the Porcupine Health Unit.

The workshop will be held in French with the opportunity to ask questions in English as well.  Raffle tickets will be drawn at the end of the night to highlight the success and participation in this year’s gardening series. Mrs. Roy, development officer for Hearst Economic Development shares, “What an inspiration to see local producers sharing local discoveries and their success.  We hope it will inspire others to try! ˮ

Hearst Economic Development is the mandatory body of local economic development for the Town of Hearst. Its mission is to facilitate the growth of local businesses, to offer support to individual and collective entrepreneurship and too actively promote the Town of Hearst attractiveness in order to entice new businesses.


For more information or to register:

Julie Roy
Development officer
Hearst Economic Development
Tel: 705 372-2839