Hearst Community Improvement Program (CIP)

Hearst Downtown – Hwy 11 / Front Street Corridor Community Improvement Plan (CIP)


The program aims to stimulate investment to improve the appearance of building facades, signage, parking area improvement, and planning, design and architectural projects. It will also help with a rehabilitation loan and a building and/or property improvement rebate grant.

Projects submitted could obtain financial assistance of 50% of the costs, up to $15 000.


Here a the different programs. Click on each for a full description.


Parking Area Improvement Grant

Building Facade Improvement Grant

Signage Grant

Building Rehabilitation Loan

Building / Property Improvement Rebate


Click here for the application form for the programs.


For more information, contact Sylvie Fontaine, director of Hearst Economic Development.


Sylvie Fontaine
Service de développement économique de Hearst