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All Terrain Vehicles

At its regular meeting of July 28, 2015, Hearst Municipal Council has adopted By-law No. 59-15 on off-road vehicles (ORVs) and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to reflect recent changes announced by the Province of Ontario.  Here is a summary of its content:


  1. Two-up all-terrain vehicle (ATV) weighing 450 kg or less and not wider than 1.35 m excluding mirrors if it has one passenger seat that is designed to be straddled by the passenger while sitting facing forward behind the driver, and if it is equipped with foot rests for passenger that are separate from the foot rests for the driver;
  2. Utility terrain vehicles (UTV) weighing 1,814 kg or less and not wider than 2.03 m, excluding mirrors with minimum cargo capacity of 159 kg.
  3. Recreational Off-Highways Vehicles (or Side-by-Side ATV) with overall width not greater than 2.03 m, excluding mirrors, engine displacement of 1,000 c. cm or less and weighing 1,700 kg or less.


  1. Amphibious off-road vehicles (ex: Argo),
  2. Recreational off-highway vehicles and multi-purpose off-highway utility vehicles that may fall within a category of larger ORVs, which may have six to eight wheels and accommodate more than four passengers,
  3. Off-road motorcycle (ORM).


  1. George Street, from 8th Street to 9th Street;
  2. Ninth Street, from Front Street to Prince Street;
  3. Edward Street, from Ninth Street to Fifteenth Street (during school hours only);
  4. Alexandra Street, from Ninth Street to Tenth Street (during school hours only);
  5. Veilleux Street, from Mailloux Street to Rouse Street (during school hours only).


in municipal parks, in municipal cemeteries, on the municipal waste lagoon property, on the Notre-Dame Hospital property, on the Foyer des pionniers/Pioneer Nursing Home property, on school properties, on the Collège Boréal property, and on the Université de Hearst property.

A copy of By-law No. 59-15 can be obtained at Town Hall.  Please refer to Ont. Reg. 316/03 (for complete conditions for off-road vehicles to be operated on highways).

Annie Lemieux, Clerk (tel. 705-362-4341, 1001)