Club Championship

Time: August 18, 2018 7:00 am

Pour plus de détails, appelez au club de golf

Jogues Mud Fest

Time: August 24, 2018 12:00 am

August 24-26 join the festivities at the Jogues Mud Fest!

Friday August 24th, ATV MUD DRAG registration at 5 pm. (10$)

Saturday August 25th, pick up MUD DRAG registration at 11 am. (10$)

Sunday August 26th,  ATV rally at 11 am. (10$)

Outdoor games and inflatables for children (5$)

Beer Garden, Snack Bar and bond fire!

Campgrounds available!

All activities will be held at the Jogues Fire Hall

To end the summer with a weekend of fun take part in the Jogues Mud Fest!

For more information, call 705.372.8110 or 705.373.2839


Adam & Eve

Time: August 25, 2018 6:00 am

For more information, please call The Hearst Golf Club: 705 362-5529 or visit the Facebook page by clicking on the following here .

Taste of Hearst

Time: September 7, 2018 12:00 am
Meet us downtown for this annual event! Local and regional products will be featured!

Friday evening: FoodTruck dinner at 6:00 pm downtown, followed by a musical evening with Dany Pouliot, a regular at 2 Pierrots in the Vieux Montreal.

Saturday: family activities, aboriginal dances and drumming and Agriva Market from 11:00 am. Gourmet shepherd’s pie competition under the tent at 18:00 and Yanik Pepin’s show who comes back with his electric guitar and songs that will make you dance and sing!

Local food and products will be served throughout the event! Tickets available on the website of the Foire des saveurs / Taste of Hearst or at the Gilles Gagnon Tourism Centre

Foire cristal / Crystal Fair

Time: September 28, 2018 3:00 pm
Location: 60 9th St

La Foire Cristal vise à vous offrir une expérience axée sur le mieux-être émotionnel, psychologique, physique et spirituel.
Cette 2e édition de la foire continuera d’ouvrir des portes donnant accès à des outils de vie, des échanges mystiques, des approches de médecine douce, alternative et nouvel-âge… bref, des expériences uniques.

Crystal Fair’s main goal is to provide you with the opportunity to live an amazing experience focused on emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual well-being. This 2nd edition of the fair will continue to grant access to a unique world of life tools and mystical exchanges as well as new-age, alternative and complementary medicines.

Small Business Week Conference with Janet Podelski- From Cellar to Bestseller

Time: October 15, 2018 7:00 pm

How did two sisters with no formal culinary training, no publishing track record, no food industry experience and most importantly, no money, end up writing and publishing one of Canada’s bestselling cookbooks of all time, spawning a “mini healthy eating empire?” The answer may surprise, delight, ignite and inspire you! Join #1 national bestselling author, entrepreneur and popular Food Network TV host, Janet Podleski, for a heaping serving of inspiration, motivation and belly laughs. (Note: Laughing burns calories. So more giggling leads to less jiggling!) Janet’s captivating, heartfelt and often hilarious “against-all-odds” personal success story illustrates the awesome power of passion, perseverance, following your gut instinct and believing in your heart that ANYTHING is possible—even when people tell you otherwise. Whatever you want in life, whatever your goal is…whether it’s to lose weight, improve your health, start a new career or business, write a book, be a better parent or a better person…whatever it is…after hearing Janet’s story you’ll JUST KNOW that if she can cook up this super-juicy batch of success, you can do it, too. Just sit right back and you’ll hear A Tale of Two Sisters…and a Dragon! How to Eat, Shrink & Be Merry! Join #1 national bestselling cookbook author, Food Network personality and Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Janet Podleski, for a heaping serving of inspiration, motivation, belly laughs and her most effective, cutting-edge strategies & tips to create your healthiest body ever. Learn how to EAT instead of how to diet. Win the No-Belly Prize! Along with her valuable NEWtrition tips, Janet also shares the intimate details of her incredible, against-all-odds, entrepreneurial success. Compelling, colorful, charming and heartfelt personal stories illustrate the awesome power of passion, perseverance, following your gut instinct and believing in your heart that ANYTHING is possible. Learn and laugh your way to good health!